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Discover the Power of finding the
Root Cause of Your Skin Concerns

Dive deep into your skin’s health with our targeted, medically-informed diagnostic approach.

Book Your Free Skin Discovery Day Consultation Now


Frustrated with Band-Aid Solutions
for Your Skin?

When was the last time a skincare treatment offered you more than just temporary solutions? Has the traditional aesthetic care approach left you cycling through products and procedures with no end in sight?

Break Free with a New Approach to Skincare.

Welcome to a new era where your skin's health is approached holistically, with attention to underlying causes rather than just symptoms. Here, we don't mask problems—our integrative team of experts crafts a personalized strategy to restore your skin's natural beauty and health from the inside out.


Experience the Change with San Antonio's Pioneers in Root-Cause Skincare.

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Discover the
JAAB Impact

Deep Care for Your Health and Beauty

Here at JAAB MedSpa, we're more than a beauty clinic. Our goal is for you to shine, inside and out. 
Embracing a root cause care approach, our specialists dig deep into the fundamental issues affecting your health and beauty. We design personalized treatments based on functional medicine principles that address your specific needs and the core complexities of your conditions.

We understand the challenge of finding truly effective solutions as you age, which is why we leverage the latest in medical diagnostics to ensure our treatments make a meaningful difference.
Trust our integrated approach that combines medical precision and aesthetic expertise, guiding you to look and feel your best with lasting results.

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Better, Younger-Looking Skin from the Inside-Out in 3 Simple Steps:

We take the time to get to know you and your skin with comprehensive forms, a CaptureID Snapshot of your skin’s health, and a 1:1 Skin Discovery Day.



We use cutting-edge technology and imaging to map out your skin’s health in detail, providing a clear basis for treatment to achieve your glowy goals.



Receive a treatment plan that integrates functional medicine with aesthetic treatments, targeting the root cause of your health needs for sustainable results.

Discover the Power of Finding the Root Cause of Your Skin Concerns

It all starts with...
Capture ID

An Instant Snapshot of your skin health - how it's doing and what you need to get glowing again.

In the world of aesthetic beauty and skincare, JAAB MedSpa stands out by integrating innovative technology with personalized care.

Capture ID technology, a game-changing imaging device that provides detailed before-and-after statistics of skin and body, revolutionizes the way we approach aesthetic consultations and treatments.

Our imaging technology will make a custom plan specific to what your skin needs, whether it be a hydrafacial or a more in-depth strategy for your facial rejuvenation in San Antonio.


Treatments You'll Love

Tox Treatments

Enhance your natural beauty with confidence with these injectable treatments and get the subtle transformation you've always wanted.

JAAB Medspa - Neurotoxin treatment
JAAB Medspa - Tox Treatment

Dermal Fillers

Elevate your beauty with JAAB MedSpa's Dermal Fillers, expertly tailored to enhance your natural contours. Discover personalized elegance, refined just for you.

JAAB Medspa - Dermal Fillers treatement
JAAB Medspa - Lip Fillers

Rejuvenate & Tighten

Unlock the secret to ageless radiance designed to revive, restore, and renew your skin, offering a bespoke solution to meet your individual skin health goals.

JAAB Medspa - Rejuvenate your skin
JAAB Medspa - Rejuvenation Laser Treatments


Tailored to detoxify, hydrate, and illuminate your skin, our Hydrafacial service is a journey to peak skin health. Step out with a visibly refreshed, glowing complexion that feels as good as it looks.

JAAB Medspa - Hydrafacial Treatment
JAAB Medspa - Hydrafacial Deluxe

Laser Hair Removal

Experience the freedom of silky-smooth skin. Our cutting-edge technology ensures a comfortable, effective, and precise removal of unwanted hair, catering to all skin types. Say goodbye to daily shaving and hello to long-lasting, flawless skin.

JAAB Medspa - Laser Hair Removal Packages
JAAB Medspa - Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Emsculpt NEO

Transform and tone with Emsculpt NEO. This revolutionary treatment combines muscle building and fat reduction, offering a non-invasive path to a sculpted, more confident you. Meet your fitness and beauty goals and get results that empower.

JAAB Medspa - Emsculpt NEO treatment
JAAB Medspa - Emsculpt NEO toning and sculpting
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$50 off



$50 off
JAAB Medspa - Jacob - Amanda Founders

The 'J' & 'A' in JAAB

Our Founders

Meet Amanda & Dr. Jacob Torres

They are the heart behind JAAB MedSpa.

Together, they fuse their passion for wellness and innovation to deliver exceptional aesthetic services in San Antonio. Inspired by their journeys and commitment to family, they've built a team that's not just about beauty treatments, but about making a positive impact.

Through their support of Valor Never Alone, they extend a hand to single mothers, ensuring JAAB is more than a MedSpa—it's a community pillar.

At their core, Amanda and Dr. Torres champion the belief that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful, creating a legacy of care, inside and out.

Beauty Clinic San Antonio

Changing How You Look & Feel
One Inspiring Medical Spa Treatment At A Time

Embark on a path to radiant, healthy skin with JAAB MedSpa. Dive deep into your skin’s health with our targeted, medically-informed diagnostic approach. Book Your Free Skin Discovery Day Consultation Now

What's Your
Skincare Personality?



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