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Beauty With A Purpose is a program that was created to support single mother's enjoy a special day In an effort to give back to the community and assist single mothers in getting access to services that they may not be able to receive for many reasons.

Anyone is able to nominate single mothers that they feel could use a break. JAAB accepts the nominations and does a raffle every month. JAAB will then make arrangements for the single mother to have a spa day which would entail medpa and salon day. 

Beauty With A Purpose is an extension of 'Valor Never Alone'. Valor is a non- profit organization 501 C3 founded by Dr. Jacob Torres. The non-profit was founded after the passing of his late mother Rosalinda Cedillo. She was a single mother raising all of the children on her own. Despite all of the challenges of helping raise six children, she did all she could to provide the family with essentials and love that her children needed.

JAAB promoting Beauty with a Purpose Organization
JAAB promoting Beauty with a Purpose Organization

Valor provides financial assistance and essentials to single mothers and their families. At the end of the year it also does a toy drive for single mothers who cannot afford to purchase gifts for their children. Dr. Torres and Amanda were both raised by single mothers and wanted to have a purpose behind JAAB. Percentages of profits from JAAB go to Valor to continue to provide assistance to single mothers throughout the area.  

How Does It Work?

Make Your Nomination

Tell us about the person you are nominating and why in the form below.

Winner Is Selected

A monthly raffle will select the lucky winner  and the winner will be contacted.

MedSpa & Salon Day

JAAB will make arrangements with the lucky winner to receive a Medspa and Salon day!

Nominate Someone

Do you know a single mother that could use a break? Tell us about them in the form below.

Tell us about the person you are nominating below, include why you think they are deserving and what it would mean to them.*

Your nomination has been received, thanks!

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