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San Antonio medspa botox fillers


Detailing Before-And-After Statistics Of Your Skin And Body To Clearly Monitor Progress — And Celebrate The Astounding Results

San Antonio medspa botox fillers

What Is Capture ID?

Capture ID is a state-of-the-art imaging device that gathers detailed before-and-after statistics of your skin and body.

This allows both the patients and our technicians to clearly monitor progress and celebrate the astounding results. Most aesthetic technicians consider Capture ID a game changer — and here at JABB MedSpa, we love the fact that it creates transparent relationships with our patients.

Before-and-After Aesthetic Imaging

Detailing before-and-after statistics of your skin and body.

Capturing before-and-after analytics allows us to document the number of wrinkles, the ratio of large and small pores, and other important data that enables optimal treatment design — and transformative results. Capture ID takes ultra-violet, polarized, and hi-res photos to monitor and gauge skin health.

The images and data are then cast viewable on a tablet, clearly demonstrating the most important concerns — and the recommended treatment plans that will provide the most effective improvements. Formerly, consultations would largely consist of a simple online quiz or other impersonal method of gauging a patient's needs and interests. Now, Capture ID allows patients and caregivers to be on the same page from the beginning.

San Antonio medspa botox fillers
Beauty Clinic San Antonio

A Modern Approach for Consultations

Capture ID can help identify and monitor a variety of skin conditions and measurements, including, face contours, redness, blemishes, and more.

JAAB MedSpa has the specialized facilities, technology, including Aerolase laser treatment, injectables, microneedling, facials, and more. This cutting-edge technology allows us to be completely transparent with our treatment plans and recommendations. By measuring large and small pores, sun damage, and if moisture has been lost. This essential information is used to provide an image of what your skin is projected to look like in the next 3-5 years. Armed with this precise image of your future self, we can help you design the most effective treatment plan to combat the most significant concerns.

Millions purchase skin care products to address their unique skin needs, but Capture ID helps target the most important needs based on imaging technology that tells the real story. The scanning process is quick and non-invasive — and the results are clear and easy to visualize. With Capture ID, you don't have to translate the medical jargon that is sometimes associated with aesthetic treatments. Instead, you can clearly see the underlying issues and make informed decisions in collaboration with our certified, impassioned medical spa tem  in regards to your health.

Beauty Clinic San Antonio

Changing How You Look And And Feel
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