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Lose Fat And Gain Muscle At The Same Time Now!

Welcome to the gold standard in body contouring. By synchronizing RF and HIFEM Energy you are able to gain 25% more muscle and reduce 30% more fat with no downtime and in less time. For Less. Call now to book your free body composition analysis.

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Emsculpt is the latest technology that has replaced its predecessor and is the first of its class to emit both radiofrequency and high intensity electromagnetic energies.

Emsculpt San Antonio

The radiofrequency raises the temperature of the fat and reaches levels that cause the fat cells to be permanently damaged. This allows the body to remove the fat. Clinical studies have shown to reduce fat by 30% on average.


The HIFEM energy contracts the muscle fibers in the area that is equivalent to high intensity exercise. This forces the muscles to adapt to this stress, leading to growth of the muscle fibers. On average 25% growth in muscle volume.


The end result is more fat reduction and more muscle growth than any single gold-standard product for less time and less money. Efficiency in your favor.



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At JAAB MedSpa we provide quality aesthetic services for the area. We believe that EVERYONE should feel beautiful inside and out. We are a no-judgement Medspa and we provide the time needed with highly trained staff to make sure that what you are considering is right for you.


We are not like other Medspas, our highly trained staff go over options to make sure that the service fits what you are looking for and the results you are looking to achieve.

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Book a FREE consultation and get $100 off when you spend $500!

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